CIRED 2013 - Stockholm

Auf Grund der herrvoragenden Resonanz zum Inhalt des Forschungsprojektes IO.Netz auf der CIRED 2012 in Lissabon wird auf der diesjährigen CIRED in Stockholm ein weiterer Artikel mit dem Thema:

“Smart Planning” – An Integrated Approach for Distribution System Planning to Cope with Its Future Requirements.


CIRED 2012 - Lissabon

Auf der CIRED 2012 (International Electricity Conference & Exhibition) in Stockholm wurde das Projekt IO.Netz in einem eingereichten Paper vorgestellt.

Hier lesen Sie die Zusammenfassung des Artikels

"Integrated Optimization of Distributon System Planning and Transition into new Grid Structures":

The research project IO.Netz(*) aims to improve the current process of long term distribution system planning. Analysing and planning today’s distribution systems is still characterized by isolated software tools so that network planners have to deal with a list of shortcomings. Furthermore they have to deal with an increasing complex environment and have to include additional aspects (e.g. uncertainty for the investment decisions with lower budgets; development of renewable sources). The challenge to embed decentralized renewable energy sources into the distribution network implies a tight integration of the software tool chain for planning decision support. This paper proposes to raise the synergies between the replacement strategies in asset management and investments driven by the inclusion of renewable sources. Our central approach estimates the realization probability of new decentralized generation sites, simulates grid development by a system dynamics approach, calculates investments under uncertainty and applies multi-criterial optimization based on the simulation model. (*) This work has been supported in the R&D project “IO.Netz” funded by BMWi, grant no.: 03ET1071

SMART ENERGY 2012 - Dortmund -

Auf der Fachtagung SMART ENERGY 2012 in Dortmund wurde der Inhalt des Projektes IO.Netz dem interessierten Publikum dargestellt.

Das Paper der Fachtagung erhalten Sie hier.